Change a registration in HD4DP v1

Last updated: 2022-04-12 12:36

A user can change and complete a registration in of 4 steps:

  • Select the registry for which you want to change one or more registrations
  • Click on the registration that needs to be to be changed and complete the form. The status of the record will be:
    • 'Open' for registrations that were saved manually or by uploading a CSV
    • 'Corrections needed' for registrations with errors
  • Save the registration temporarily if needed. The status of the record will be 'Open' for saved registrations
  • Submit the registration if  no validation errors present
    • The status of the registration will change to 'Sending'
  • When the record has been processed, the status will change to 'Submitted'

As soon as a registration is sent, the ‘status confirmation’ column will show ‘Pending’.

  • ​It shows 'OK' once the registration has arrived, and 'NOK' if the registration did not arrive within 48 hours. If the status is 'NOK', the software will automatically try to resend the registration up to 10 days after the initial submission
  • For the statuses ‘Sending’, 'Corrections needed' and 'Approved' the status confirmation will be empty because the registration has not yet been submitted
  • A registration can be 'Reopened' if needed as long as the status of the registration is 'Submitted'