CSV Upload for Orthopride Knee "Primo-implantation"

Last updated: 2023-06-08 00:19

In this article we describe how to submit a CSV for Orthopride Knee - Primo-implantation.

Example CSV


CSV submission process

The main folder structure of the csv upload folder will look as such:

Each folder consists of sub folders which contains the DCD.

Find below an overview of the DCD's that can be uploaded.

  • Orthoprideknee-8:
    • Primo-implantation
    • Revision
    • Resection
This example shows the different DCDs of an Orthopride Knee project

The csv files will be placed in the folders of the DCD which we want to upload. We double click on the folder of the dcd and the structure will be either empty, whether filled with folders containing the following names:

  • ARCHIVE (after a csv file has been processed, the original csv file will be saved in this folder)
  • RESULT (when the csv file has been processed, a file will be created or append with the result of the upload of the csv file)
  • ERROR (when the csv file contains erroneous formatting, the csv file won't get processed and an error file will be created or append with the errors and reason why the csv file couldn't be processed)

Example: I want to upload an Orthopride Knee Primo-Implantation dcd, so I will place the csv file into the dcd-21-v-1-kneePrimoImplantation folder.

  • Open the dcd-21-v-1-kneePrimoImplantation folder
  • Put the orthopride knee primo implantation csv file into the folder
  • Wait until the file has been processed (the file will disappear from this folder if it has been processed - don't forget to click on the refresh button)
  • Go into the RESULT folder and refresh the folder to update the file with the latest changes
  • Double click the file to open it and to read the result of the upload process

The status is the most important line that indicates whether the upload was a success or not.

Verification of the upload process is also possible in the application HD4DP2.

After login to HD4DP2 go to relevant DCD and check the processed data.

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