HD4DP v2 CSV Upload

Last updated: 2023-04-12 15:14

This page explains the functioning of the CSVUploader feature of HD4DP v2. The CSVUploader feature is aimed to do a bulk upload of records : by filling a csv file, one record per row represents one submission so a user can fill as much records as needed. In the manual of the application HD4DP v2 we provide detailed information about the use of the CSVUploader:

Please read this documentation before its project specific use.

The study project Zephyr consists of three sections or DCD's: 

  • Primo-implantation
  • Follow-up and 
  • Replacement.

On the following pages we explain how to submit a Zephyr DCD using the HD4DP v2 CSVUploader for each section.

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