General COVID-19 VACC BARO GP project information

Last updated: 2022-09-23 11:38

Project name

COVID-19 Vaccination Barometer for GP's

Project abbreviation


Project code


Primary organization that oversees implementation of project

  • University Leuven

Partner organization participating in project

  • Consortium Eerstelijnsdata

Organisation that commissioned this project

  • University Leuven

Organisation providing monetary or material support

  • National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance (RIZIV-INAMI)

Brief project description

This project aims at collecting data on vaccination coverage in Belgian general practice (GP) centers. The same data flow and technology as the COVID-19 barometer V2 will be used. GP centers will have the possibility to run a set of automated queries in their electronic health record (EHR). These queries will count the number of people in specific age and comorbidity groups and will also count the number of COVID-19 vaccinated people in these groups. These numbers (27 numbers), together with administrative data on the participating GP center, will be manually inserted in an eForm (HealthConnect), specifically designed for this project. This eForm will be send to the eHealthBox. Participating GP centers will be invited to send their data every 2 weeks (between Friday morning and Monday morning) starting from the beginning of April 2021.

Participating GP centers will be able to consult the prevalence of chronic diseases in their practice and the vaccination coverage in the selected patient groups by the platform. They will be able to benchmark their results with the performance in their primary care zone, arrondissement, province, region or country. This feedback might trigger them to improve the registration of diagnoses in their EHR and increase the vaccination coverage in their practice.

These data could also help policy makers to direct the vaccination strategy in their region (per primary care zones in Flanders). In this perspective we also would like to generate reports (by for the different regions in Belgium (Flanders, Walloon region, Brussels) and the primary care zones in Flanders or provinces in Flanders and the Walloon region.

Regulatory framework of this project

Consult the regulatory framework information published on the pages.