RACI matrix

Last updated: 2021-12-05 14:55
RefFunctional Process ItemEnd UserService Desk AgentL2/3 Incident analystIncident CoordinatorIncident Manager
I01Incident IdentificationIRRR, A
I02Incident LoggingIR   A
I03Incident Categorization & PrioritizationIR  R A
I04Known error R  R A
I05Incident diagnosisR R A
I06Investigate & resolve R I A
I07Consult end-userCR R A
I08Set incident as resolved R R A
I09L2 needed ? R R A
I10Assign incident to L2/L3 RI R A, I
I11Investigate incident IR I A
I12Change required ?  R R A
I13Incident resolved ?CIRRA
I14Reassign ticket to Service Desk CRIA, I
I15Apply workaroundCRICA, I

A = AccountableThe single owner who is accountable for the final outcome of the activity.
R = ResponsibleThe executor(s) of the activity step.
C = ConsultedThe expert(s) providing information for the activity step.
I = InformedThe stakeholder(s) who must be notified of the activity step.