Dataflow description HD4DP V2 correction form

Last updated: 2023-05-16 13:46

In HD4DP V 2 it was asked that a Data Provider can initiate himself the Correction Flow.
Below we describe (high level) the dataflow of correction registration between the data provider web and the platform.

Step 1. The data provider (e.g., hospital) can send himself a correction record based on a correction DCD and start the correction flow. They have to initiate correction of data previously submitted to HD by manual completion of a correction form (see send a correction registration)
You have the full form for the project on the one hand, and a generic correction form (a very minimal form) on the other hand.
A correction DCD which has no more than:
• Business key of original record,
• The name of Data Collection,
• The field or variable which is wrong,
• The correction value,
• Comment field.

Step 2. The correction record has also to pass via eHealth TTP service

Step 3. DWH receives the correction records in a separate table. A new record needs to be generated and loaded into staging . For the data manager it needs to look like the whole record was received again with the corrected value(s).