HD4RES v2 Data tables

Last updated: 2022-10-18 17:05

In its current form, HD4RES v2 is a collection of data tables accessible via the SAS eGuide component at the data warehouse of healthdata.be. It is thus integrated in the core of the research environment. In a next stage, the data tables will be visualized using the SAS Visual Analytics component at the data warehouse. While a predefined set of visualizations will be offered by healthdata.be, the researcher will be able to create and execute workflows for interactive reporting and exploration.

The data tables are not created for each research project separately. HD4RES v2 offers a view based on the master data table on which Row-Column Access Control (RCAC) has been applied to grant access to the researcher to only the records related to his/her project.

The following data tables are foreseen by healthdata.be: