Option 1: XML export for MyCareNet component of HCO

Last updated: 2022-10-03 08:46

This configuration is by default active in HD4DP v.2. The XML files can be downloaded with an SFTP client of your choice. The XML files you download can be sent with the MyCareNet component available in your organization. You can attach the XML files to the Web Service call to MyCareNet and sign the message with your eHealth P12 certificate. The XML files are ready for use, thus contain the required fields. There is no additional edit required.

SFTP Connection

The server name and the SFTP credentials can be requested via our Service Portal 

  • Server: IP of HD4DP v.2 server  
  • Port: 22  
  • Username: (your SFTP credentials)  
  • Password: (your SFTP credentials) 
  • Path: /data/localsftp/upload/nippin (Upload is the home directory of the sftp user)