Cancellation of project(s)

Last updated: 2021-11-23 06:25

In case of premature termination of project(s) after contract signature (either by mutual agreement or by decision of one of the parties involved), a cancellation form has to be filled-in with the reason of the decision to stop the collaboration.

HD LeadPM(s)
ParticipantsRequestor PM(s)
ChecklistCancellation form has been filled-in and archive on Dropbox
HD Estimated Time1 hour

During the complete set-up phase (Proc11), the Account Manager, will provide, to the ‘customer = paying organization’ (Sponsor) and on a regular basis (as per the frequency defined in the contract),  a follow-up on cost/timing information (since T&M contract base) of his/her entire Program since we’re working in T&M (DEL13).

HD members are obliged to complete the Timesheet, on a weekly basis, per 30 minutes, at the level of sub-project, for DEV, TEST, ACC or PROD.

Any new request and/or request for change after project completion has to be submitted to

This request will be evaluate internally and a feed-back provided to the Requestor.