Proc12: Completion of Project

Last updated: 2021-11-23 06:26

Completion of a projects is considered as reach in the following condition:

  • For Data Collection Project à Data available in the DWH validation environment
  • For Analysis Project à Data available as per ISC-SSH mandate in the analysis environment
  • For Reporting Project à Reports available in

Once a project is completed:

  • a ‘project Hand-over’ document is written by the PM and provided to SOB as supportive documentation for operation mode of the project. This document has to be approved by SOB
  • a ‘project closure’ document is written by the PM and provided to requestor for sign-off.

The project closure document is only provided to Requestor after a period of evaluation of one month.

HD LeadPM(s)
ParticipantsRequestor IAT, DC, DWH, DPO, SOB, PM-TL Enterprise Architect/Technical Coordinator
DeliverableDel14: Project Hand-over Del15: Project Closure
ChecklistAnnex 2
HD Estimated Time24 hours