Proc5: Analysis

Last updated: 2021-11-23 06:28

The project(s) are analysed by the different HD teams and result in documents for

  • Requestor: Contract + Detailed project(s) description(s)
  • RoadMap meeting (Proc6): Detailed project(s) description(s)
  • HD Steerco Deliberation: Slide based on Detailed project(s) description
HD LeadPM(s)
ParticipantsPM(s) + HD teams + Enterprise Architect + Technical Coordinator Requestor à Consulted for discussion during the analysis
DeliverableDel7: Contract
Del8: Detailed Project(s) Description
Del9: Docs4Steerco (HD Deliberation)
ChecklistAnnex 2
HD Estimated Time[xx] hours (Time&Material Analysis Contract)