Approving user requests when your HD4DP v1 is connected to LDAP

Last updated: 2021-11-11 17:08

Approving user requests when your HD4DP is connected to LDAP

  • Login as admin and select ‘User requests’
  • You will see an overview of all the requests:
  • Select the request that you want to approve
  • Before accepting the user request, several things must be checked:
    • Matching username: In HD4DP, the username must be the same as the person's username in the LDAP-system. If this is not the case,  change the requested username in HD4DP to the LDAP username
    • User search base: In the LDAP system, the user must be a member of the organizational unit (OU) where HD4DP searches for accounts. To find out the LDAP_USER_SEARCH_BASE for your organisation, go back to the dashboard, click on 'configurations' and search for LDAP_USER_SEARCH_BASE
  • Check the data in the request
  • Simply click 'Approve' and the user account is active
  • If you would try to accept a user request for which the username is not found in the LDAP system, an error message appears 
  • The user will receive an email that his or her account is accepted. This e-mail provides the necessary information to login i.e. username, password.