Registrations with status 'Follow-up needed'

Last updated: 2021-11-11 17:04

Some registrations need follow-up e.g. to monitor multiple consultations of a patient. Therefore additional information will be asked at predefined milestones, which are defined in the set-up phase of the registry. 
Follow-up registrations can be triggered by:

  • Timing e.g. x time after the initial registration
  • Answers in the initial registration e.g. only if the patient has taken medication X
  • A combination of both e.g. if the patient has taken medication X, ask follow-up information 3 months later

If the Status column shows 'Follow-up needed' and the 'Follow up' column is active, the user can add the extra information needed in the details of the registration.

Note: the process of validation and resending the registration(s) back for the follow-up data takes minimum 4 hours.

Select 'Follow up' in the settings of the view:

The Follow-up column is now shown in the view:

When follow-up is needed, the column 'Follow up' in the list view indicates if follow-up is needed by indicating:

  • Planned:  follow-up will be needed in the future, indicated by the date indication
    • 'Status Column' shows 'Submitted', no action is needed at this moment 
  • Active: the questions for this follow up are now visible and can be filled
    • 'Status Column' shows 'Follow-up needed', action is needed
  • Submitted:  the follow-up column will change to submitted after the additional information is given
    • 'Status Column' shows 'Submitted', no more action is needed

Depending on how many times follow-up is needed, a row is added to the column. The milestones are indicated by t1, t2 etc.