Technical onboarding

Last updated: 2021-11-11 17:08

The HD4DP software is used for facilitating the data collection of health registers in Belgium. Most registers capture data related to individual patients. To protect the patient’s privacy, encoding of the patient's identifier, in each registration, is required before the data arrives.

The HD4DP software allows to capture data, either from manual data entry or from primary systems from the data provider. In order to send data to healthdata, it needs to be encrypted before it can be transferred via eHealthBox.

These are the following steps for Technical Onboarding:

Prepare the HD4DP-installation

The IT department of hospitals and laboratories have to prepare the installation by providing healthdata with the information needed. The HD4DP installation sheet is a form that contains all the information that needs, in order to start, the installation of the HD4DP software.

An eHealth certificate is needed to complete the installation and therefor it is a section in the form. When sending information to the HD4DP installation, the data must be encrypted by healthdata  using the public key of the certificate of an organisation. 

The form will be adjusted to the needs of the requesting organisation and send by mail. The basis for this adjusted form can be found in the HD4DP installation form template

Install HD4DP

The software is remotely installed by

Install encryption module

The encryption module encrypts registrations before they are sent to the registry via the eHealth platform. This module is not part of the HD4DP software.

Each data provider has the choice to either:

  • develop and implement this module
  • to make use of third party client software

​More information is available in the article about the Encryption module.

HD4DP needs to be configured (cf. article "How to configure HD4DP for an encryption module") for the encryption module used by an organisation.

Submit test registration 

To verify the installation, a number of registrations are submitted belonging to a test registry. 

Confirm installation 

Once the submitted data of the test registry are received correctly by healthdata, you will get a confirmation that the installation was successful.

Configure Mail Server Settings

The HD4DP application can notify users concerning necessary actions for their registers and to inform admins about changes or requests for user accounts. Mail Server settings need to be configured (cf. article "Configure Mail Server Settings") to make this functionality possible.