The 'Help' and 'Guide' menu

Last updated: 2021-11-11 17:02

The 'Guide' and 'Help' menu that is located in the upper right corner and can help in using the HD4DP application.

Page 'Guide'

This wizard helps to explore the application. It provides more information on the possibilities within the application. Click 'next' to go to the following function.

Page 'Help'

In the 'Help' menu, you can choose from the following subjects: 'Support' and 'Contact'.


Choose ‘Support’ to be redirected to the support page from Healthdata. Articles on how to use HD4DP can be found here.

Use the search bar for a specific item. Enter a key word and the related articles will be shown.

In the left sidebar you can find the links to: 

  • Public question  
  • Email 
  • Telephone number


Selecting 'Contact' in the menu will first invite you to ask your question, to check whether the answer is not yet in our support articles.

On the bottom of the search result you can then indicate whether you have found your answer or you can still choose to submit your question.

In case you click 'Yes, submit my question', a dialogue box appears that you can fill in. Automatically a case is created which will further be followed up by the healthdata support team.

You can of course always send an email with your questions directly to