HD integration

Last updated: 2023-03-29 11:49

The BELMOD server is placed in its own OU, separated from all other XAW servers. 

Users are grouped in AD. These groups are all under the same OU. The SCN-P-XAWBELMOD server is accessed by two different types of accounts. These types are:

  • Normal users: "BELMOD users SCN-P-XAWBELMOD" 
  • Limited users: "BELMOD users SCN-P-XAWBELMOD limited users" 

As it stands, the normal users are allowed to connect to the desktop version of the server. Limited users may only connect to the EUROMOD published application. The limited users are also further restricted in their usage of the server, as they cannot use things like the recycling bin, control panel etc. Furthermore, all users are restricted from accessing the different drives on the server. 

Users are grouped in so-call "global groups" in AD. These global groups are all under the same OU. 

The computer object and the different user groups are all located in the DHD.local domain.