Last updated: 2023-04-11 18:44

The BELMOD-OUT SFTP has been set up to give the possibility to publish reports outside of the BELMOD environment.   
User accounts – one per project – have been provided for the first 5 projects but that number could be extended as required. This needs creating a ticket in Service Now.   

  • Gen_user_project_1 → sftp directory: /BELMOD_out/data/project_1/export/  
  • Gen_user_project_2 → sftp directory: /BELMOD_out/data/project_2/export/  
  • Gen_user_project_3 → sftp directory: /BELMOD_out/data/project_3/export/  
  • Gen_user_project_4 → sftp directory: /BELMOD_out/data/project_4/export/  
  • Gen_user_project_5 → sftp directory: /BELMOD_out/data/project_5/export/  

When these users log into sftp.healthdata.be:2222 they will have access to the export files of their project, as described above. Each user only has access to their own project.  

A script is running every 30 minutes, which uploads the content of export directory “E:\Belmod\project_<number>\<project_name>\Export” and automatically puts it in the corresponding project directory on the SFTP server. A log file is also created and placed in the E:\Administrators\logs directory. 

Once the file has been successfully downloaded, please make sure to delete it from the BELMOD_OUT SFTP.  The SFTP directories should be used as a temporary storage location.

Note: Should the user encounter a problem with the script, an incident must be reported via Service Now (see section How to report an incident).