'project x' directory

Last updated: 2023-03-29 11:50

Please find below an overview of the project X directory structure: 

  • Belmod Data managers FOD-SZ: Have administrator access for all the sub-directories under their responsibilities 
  • Project x full access: Have extra privileges compared to the ‘project x limited access’ group (CRUD to \project_x\<name>\Data) 
  • Project x limited access: Have only read access to \project_x\<name>\Data 
  • Belmod Data Publishers FOD-SZ: Ensure validation of the data prior to the automated upload program
Data managers 
project x 
full access  
project x 
limited access 
Data Publishers 
\project_x Read Read Read Read 
\project_x\<name>CRUD CRUD CRUD Read 
\project_x\<name>\BELMOD_Model CRUD Read Read No access 
\project_x\<name>\Data CRUD CRUD Read No access 
\project_x\<name>\Export Read Read Read CRUD 
\project_x\<name>\Export\processed Read Read Read CRUD 
\project_x\<name>\Models CRUD CRUD CRUD No access 
\project_x\<name>\Results CRUD CRUD CRUD No access 
\project_x\<name>\to_validate_for_export CRUD CRUD CRUD CRUD 
Table 2: Project directory structure