How to create and submit a request for information

Last updated: 2023-04-11 13:58

To submit a request for information, please follow the work instructions described underneath.

Procedure overview diagram

Procedure as work instructions

STEP 1. User requests an information

Action: A user requests an information. This can be : 

  • An explanation on a project, … 
  • A list 
  • … 

STEP 2. Service Desk creates a ticket Request For Information

Action: If the user did not create a ticket from the portal, the Service Desk creates a ticket, of type Request for Information on behalf of the user 

Mandatory fields are the subject and description. 

The request is submitted by clicking on ‘Order now’

STEP 3. Service Desk investigates the request and enriches the request 

Action: Service Desk opens the requested item, linked to the request, and investigates the needs of the requestor. If necessary, the Service Desk will add clarification info in the customer communication, which is visible for the user. 

STEP 4. Fulfill the request 

Action: If the Service Desk knows how to fulfill the requested item, they will execute the action. If they do not know how, they will first investigate if they are able to fulfill the requested item or if they have to assign the requested item to another assignment group (step 6)

STEP 5. Set the requested item to ‘Closed Complete’ 

Action: Service Desk or 2L-assignment group will inform the user by entering a user friendly comment in the ‘customer communication’ field and set the requested item to the state ‘Closed Complete’ 

STEP 6. Assign the requested item to L2-group 

Action: if no fulfillment possible, the Service Desk will assign the requested item to a L2-assignment group. 

STEP 7. Fulfill the request 

Action: the L2-assignment group will fulfill the requested item and execute step 5.